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About us

We are London based security pioneers, offering an extensive variety of assurance, execution and protection for buyers and organizations. We are currently devoted to keeping individuals around the globe safe.

Our main goal is to improve the assignment of taking care of your gadgets by creating programming instruments that fix certifiable issues. We do this by giving astounding innovation, astonishing administration, thought authority and client communication.

What Can We Do

Technology disruption is at an all time high, threatening some businesses and creating opportunities for others.
Successful companies are rethinking the workplace, processes and IT infrastructure in their organizations.
Making the journey from legacy IT to modernized, future-ready IT results in digital transformation.

Client Reviews

Johanha stingray
Software Developer
Easy-to-use web-based and mobile applications streamline AP processes, from on-the-go authorization to supplier payment.
Angelina Rust
Project Manager
Persistent, searchable, and loaded with goodies: video calling, screen sharing, and the security your IT team craves. Stop losing momentum with reply-to-all wars and buried email messages.
lisa leman
Managing Director
Your team will never miss an important message with apps available on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux. Fear not, people who hate installing things: There's also a web app.
Johanha stingray
Software Engineer
That's right, what are you waiting for? You've come this far, read all the way to the bottom of the page. The only thing left to do is to get yourself over to the App Store and download Softa today.
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